Can i change price range after creating trading bot?

Can I suggest to the team to make it possible to be edited? There are other platforms can make this. And it reduces the chance for lose even greater …

There was just one bot went up very greatly but I did not take profit at the high point. Then it went down to dip and even out of range. If at your platform it will be a completely lose with no possibility to edit the range. The market is extreme with high and low. The highest point next may be down to dip……it does not feel flexible enough for me for all these settings without a possibility to even edit the price range.


We provide tools with given parameters. If you dont take profit , greed has its own risk. Its either you get more profit or you loss that profit

You should learn why it cannot be changed. It has given parameters, to put xxx token at buy and sell at xxx price because you divide the range into y grid. If you change even one parameter of this, all of the parameters will changed, it is the same as creating new bot

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