Is it possible to configure/write some own bots and let them run in this environment?

Hi, hmmh, maybe we had too much expectatons with the bots. If I understand you correctly now, the bot can sometimes optimize a trade, but the entry exit points are still on yourself. I like the way pionex does, but would look for a more sophisticated algorithms, e..g buying/selling based on indicators/AI etc. Currently, if the entry point was wrong, you still run into a lot of losses in the grid (buying with falling prises hoping for going up again). We would like more to stop buying into falling prices and start to buy when they start to grow again… Thus, such an interface would be great…


Pionex is committed to develop useful and user-friendly quantitative trading tools, which helps new users can get started in an easiest way as soon as possible. We always welcome constructive plans or proposals.

So, if you have some ideas, please contact us via online customer service or our service mailbox. We will send your ideas to R&D department and cultivate the possibilities of making it as a new product or service. Thank you for your suggestion and please support Pionex always.

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