If I convert 1000 usdt to a coin,I pay 50 cents commission, right ?

And then if I convert back my coin to 1000 USDT, I pay 50 cents again

So in a way
In a 2 way trade, it’s equivalent to 1$ for 1000$ 2 way trade. So it’s like 0.1%

A grid bot is 2 way buy and sell. So it’s 0.1%

Am I right ?


Pioenx has trading fees of .05%. So that is for 1 buy. A sell will also have .05%. So if you make them together then Pionex gridbot would have .01% in fees because of a buy AND a sell together. So many times when making the bots, you want to make sure that your profit per grid is above .25% for cushion.

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