I have a question about closing grid trading bots.

So while running grid bots you see the grid profit and unrealized profit. What happens when you decide to close the bot manually and stop that particular trade?Do you get back the total profit (grid + unrealized) or just the the grid profit?


When you are trying to close the bot, the bot will prompt you 2 option. It is to sell remaining tokens hold by the bot, or dont want to sell the remaining tokens.

If you choose to sell the remaining tokens, you’ll get back in full usdt, along with the total profit. Meanwhile if you choose not to sell the remaiining token, you will get all the tokens and usdt hold by the bot (This is already including the grid profit), so yoii’ll have some mix of token and usdt

Closing the bot will always gets you the total profit, but the form it gives you is different, either full usdt or mix of them

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