How to Swap on Pionex 【App version】

The Swap function helps you to convert the holding coin into USDT or other crypto listed on Pionex

The Step to Swap on Pionex App

1. Select “Trade” at the bottom of the page

2. Switch to the “Swap” page and input the available balance to “SWAP” the crypto into “USDT”.
Most of the Trading bot on Pionex is required to invest in USDT (e.g. BTC/USDT)
The investment coin depends on the Quote currency, which is the latter of the trading pair.

2-1. If you trying to convert “USDT” to any other crypto, you can press the button in the middle to Swap USDT into BTC, etc.

  • You can click the crypto icon and enter the “Choose coin” page, We support all the crypto that is listed on Pionex provide you swap the crypto easily.

Please Notice:

  • The swap function will use a market order to buy/sell coins, so there might be a little slippage (usually < 0.1%)
  • The swap history is the same as the Manual order history.
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