How to Make Great Profit Only with BTC & ETH?

The grid bot shown above is based on the ETH/BTC trading pair. Given proper parameters, you can get a Bitcoin Growth Bot.

The initial investment amount was around $12,000 at the time, and it made a profit of about $300,000 in the last bull cycle.

An impressive 2,460% return in USD value.

Most people didn’t believe in the bot.

They didn’t believe that just by running an automated grid trading bot on BTC and ETH, waiting for a cycle, you could earn such a high return. However, the idea/assumption was very simple, and it still stands for the next bull:

The cryptocurrency market has a bonus period. The best way to invest and take advantage of this bonus is to invest in assets with high certainty and growth potential. In our case, BTC and ETH.

  • BTC is the most basic crypto you can invest
  • ETH has higher growth potential with multiple application

Key to making a higher profit with high certainty?

To make big money, you should ride the wave. Riding the wave means following the cycle to grow your wealth. Many investors have been in crypto for years and still can’t make big money because they try so hard to be rich overnight. The question is if you can’t make money from BTC and ETH, where else crypto can you make money from?

Copy the Bitcoin Growth Bot in the App

Now you can copy the Bitcoin Growth Bot with 800 grids in the Pionex App. With only 29 days, there have been over 1,160 investors and 232 Bitcoins invested in the bot.

Treat your investment correctly. Investing in BTC and ETH cannot be expected to get surprising returns in the short term, like investing in futures or altcoins. Long-term holding and DCA are the right way. With the bot keep buying low and selling high 24/7, you can constantly benefit from the volatility, so what can’t you hold on to?