Hi there, I noticed that on one of my running Infinity Grid bots the profit on some orders is negative when using a “Profit per grid” of 0.1%, I think it might be because of the fees (which I’m not sure what they are on the bots) but I though that value we are shown was calculated after the fees, Am I missing something here?

Another thing, it would be nice if we could have 2 decimal places instead of only one for the “Profit per grid” parameter, this way we could set it to 0.12%, 0.13%, etc, instead of just 0.1%, this would give us more options and more control of the bots.


In this case, the parameter of grid profit you set is 0.1%, but the actual situation will be rounded according to the precision. After rounding up, the grid profit will not be enough to pay the fee. You can increase the parameters of grid profit (%) to avoid this situation.

Since infinity grid bot is the very first version of our bots, it can only set 0.1% for grid profit (%). We’ve updated and improved with more decimal numbers be set as grid profit (%) on grid bots. You can use them to avoid this problem.

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