As a crypto trader, what do you think are the best crypto trading bots?


Crypto trading bots is just a tool for the traders. Simple trading bot might be really powerful in the hand of professional traders. In the other words, there are not really a best trading bot out there.

One thing that make the crypto trading bots the best is if it can follow what the traders wants and how the market behaves. All trading decision is coming from the traders, so it will be very helpful if the bot can help the traders to execute their setup in an automated way.

One of the best bot in the volatile crypto market is Grid Bot. Grid Bot will place multiple buy and sell orders in grid fashion, so every fluctuations for the market will be catch by the market. This is one of many good strategies to catch volatilities in the market. In crypto world, volatilities is very high so you can utilize the grid bot to gain profit.

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