Can you explain how Pionex can be a better option for me without my having to activate the trades my self? Advantages if any?

I am currently trading crypto in 2 methods. I have my own personal trader day trading and it has been successful. I currently am profiting 25% per week with my trader. I also use the 1 Click trading system auto-trading using Bittrex exchange and API. It is doing well. I set the dollar amount per trade and they automatically buy and sell my trades.


Pionex provide a safer, smarter, and simpler way of trading. We have provides 13 kinds of free quantitative trading tools, which saves a lot of tracking time on learning various knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Users can trade with Pionex in more flexible operation of their own funds.

We also charge very low transaction fees , and aggregate the depth of major exchanges.

Please take a look at our video:

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