Can someone help me with the ‘close bot at’ (take profit) function?

I’m running a grid of BTC/USDT I’ve invested $170 I want to stop the bot if it makes $50 (incase this happens while I’m asleep) but I don’t know how to work out the upper price in USDT. I basically want to stop it at $220 but it won’t let me enter this amount?


“Close Bot at” function is to auto-close the bot and take profit at the desired price. It is very useful if you have some target price and doesnt want to continue trading the pair anymore. Close bot at feature needs to be above current price . This function prevent your bot to average down after reaching the targer price for take profit.

The parameters you need is the price parameters, not the profit amount. So if you are running BTC Grid bot from 35.000-45.000, you can put take profit at 45.000 or 46.000 to close the bot when it reach this price. The feature to stop the bot after certain profit is not yet implemented in our platform, but we will have a better version of current bots in the future. Stay tune iwth us !

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