Why is that for bot grid trading most of the coins has a fixed quantity

I believe, the app should let us trade with whatever the amount we have. Unless is it not less than 5 USDT or equivalent. I’m referring to the minimum usdt requited for the bot for grid trading.


Yes, its similar. 1 Grid equivalent to 1 minimum orders

So if you want to run BTC/USDT bot with 99 grid, since 1 grid needs around 4-5$ minimum, you need like 400-500$ to run with this settings.

If you want to run with lower funds, use another pair with lower minimum, such as MBTC/USDT (1 btc = 1000 millibtc) , with same 99 grid and same price range, you only need 17$ because of MBTC/USDT pair has way lower minimum order

The minimum for grid bot is depend on the grid amount and the minimum size order

So if you choose the pair with small minimum size order, you can run high number of grid with very small investment

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