If the price falls from the bottom of my Grid, does it make sense to switch it off and use those coins for some other purpose (or just even hold) and wait for the price to come up to restart the bot again?

If I choose to do that, what are the pros vs cons? Any advice/suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


If the price fall below lower limit, it means you have do some “Averaging down” until that level. Basically it is the lowest entry point you holding

Pros of stop the bot and hold the tokens till recovery : You’ll get more profit when it recovery back to the initial price or higher

Cons : If it doesnt recovery, you left with the token and forced to hold it for long time

Pros of let the bot running : you can leave it for a long time (holding while trading), if the price back and forth to your price range, you’ll get profit too. If it doesnt, it is still same as holding the token

Cons : If price surging up, you’ll be left with full USDT after the token price surge upper price, less profit rather than holding and selling the top. but only if you can hold it and sell it way higher

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