If I don't release the profit in grid bot will it get reinvested back?


No it doesnt reinvested, it just stay there

Most Bots are made for a typical Scenario (Bullis, Bearish, Sideways) But Market changes and so does the Scenario.

So a Bullish Bot looses money in a Bearish Scenario.

There is no way to “Pause” a bot.
So the only way is to close it.
But then you have to sell the Coins or keep them.
When you sell them you loose money
When you keep them you do not know the average price they have been bought by the bot.

A really nice way would be to turn the Coins hold by the Bot into several Manual Sell Orders with a predefined profit (lets say 5%)

So you can decide to wait and let them sell .. or sell some with a loss

Or to have a “shut down bot” mode where the bot only sells if profitable but not buys back.

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