How to Use Your Futures Grid Bonus to Earn for Free?

Pionex Futures Grid Bonus is exclusive for Futures Grid CopyBot as an investment. It allows you to copy other traders’ strategies or AI strategies.

There are two ways to claim the bonus. You can choose how to start your bot based on the bonus you’ve received.

Bonus Needs Claiming

This type of bonus is used to copy others’ parameters. Therefore, you need a copy link of the futures grid bot. If you get the link, follow these steps to start your bot with the bonus.

Step 1

Install the latest version of the Pionex App

Download it:

Step 2

Copy Bot with Link

Click the link you wanna copy> “Copy the Bot”.

Step 3

Claim Your Bonus and Copy Bot

Step 4

Create CopyBot with Bonus

The CopyBot you create will use the bonus to offset the investment. Click “Copy Now” to start the bot.

Bonus Claimed Automatically

This type of bonus is used for copy links and AI strategy. If you wanna copy a bot via others’ links, follow the steps above. If you wanna copy a bot with an AI strategy, here are the steps.

Step 1

Open the latest version of the Pionex App

Step 2

Check Your Bonus on your Pionex Account. Click the “Pionex Bonus”> Use It Now> AI strategy.

Step 3

Select the trading pair> choose the direction and AI strategy you wanna copy. Click the button “Copy Bot with Bonus”> “Copy Now”. Review all parameters and click “Confirm”.

After creating the Futures Grid Bot, you can view the bot on your account. Click the order to view the bot details, such as profit and arbitrage. To close the bot, click “More” > “Stop”.

After you stop the bot, you keep the profits, and Pionex reclaims the Futures Grid Bonus. If this bot incurs a loss, Pionex will bear it and reclaim the remaining bonus.


  • The futures grid bonus cannot be withdrawn.
  • The futures grid bonus can only be used for futures grid CopyBot and not to offset transaction fees or losses from other orders.
  • You must use the bonus within the validity period. Once you use it to create a bot, the bonus will remain valid until the bot is stopped.
  • When you create a bot with the bonus, the bonus amount is the investment. You can’t add to the investment with your own funds. However, after you’ve created a bot with the bonus, you can adjust the margin.
  • Bots created with the bonus may also generate profit-sharing fees and commissions.
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