Hi, for the rebalancing bot with 2 or more coins, i read rebalancing is every 5 minutes, but i want to ask is there solution to make it as per price change?

For example if price change 1% or 5% to make rebalance?

Because now if price change for 0.05% in 5 minutes we will pay only the trading fee, right?
The idea for rebalancing is if have price change for some %, not on every 5min of time

Is much better to make it depend of the price change more than x%

Than rebalance

If price change is less than x% don’t make rebalance

To avoid to pay more fee than earnings

And also to avoid to rebalance for very small profits

Generally we want to rebalance when price rise or drop, not depend of that 5minutes, right?


You can adjust the rebalance timing by period or by threshold. You can choose several interval , higher interval will leads to lesser transaction but you pay less fees in average.

If you use threshold, the rebalancing will occurs only if certain tokens ratio is move higher than the threshold. This would be suits better for your trading plan based on your questions.

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