Hello, I see where it has the performance under the trading pair, but that fluctuates. If the bots are constantly buying and selling, shouldn’t I have he sold profits listed somewhere?

I can’t find them by themselves. I see how much I am up, but where do I find where that currency is stored, like if I wanted to reinvest in a new bot or transfer it out, where would I locate it at?


Grid bot profit is stored inside the bot, you can release this profit by using “Release Profit” feature in the bot. Check the details of the running bot, you can click the menus there and choose the release profit menu. There’s a calculation of how much the releaseable profit is, check the article out here : https://pionex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048167594-How-is-Releasable-profit-calculated-

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