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Deposit did not arrive to KuCoin?

Answer Please confirm that the recipient’s address belongs to KuCoin and that the address is correct. If you have input the wrong address or transferred a token that isn’t listed on KuCoin, your funds won’t arrive and KuCoin cannot recover…

How to deposit coins to KuCoin?

Answer Before you deposit any coins, please make sure you have first completed Google 2FA verification and that you have set the trading password for your account. Otherwise, you will not be able to get your KuCoin deposit address.

What is unrealized profits?

Answer Unrealized profits are floating profits. when you open a trade , and the asset moves in your direction giving you profits, this type of profit is unrealized because if prices takes the opposite direction trade would be in a…

What trades are the lowest in fees?

Got $450 in account and fee on withdrawal is more than amount o own. How would I ever get to withdraw my assets? Answer Withdrawal fee is different from trading fees. pionex charges 0.05% fot trading fees. when it comes…

What is APR?

Answer APR is annual percentage rate, it’s basically the return on investment you will receive if you invest that money based on current market conditions