Arithmetic or geometric is better? I think arithm hace more grid profit


Arithmetic/Geometric lets you decide the Grid Spacing.

Do you want to always have the same price difference between your orders, or do you want to have the same Percentage between every order?

Arithmetic (=Old/Normal): 100-130-160-190-….
Space between orders = 30

Geometric: 100-110-121-133,1-146,41…
Space between orders = 10%

I read that other way. arithm is equidustant, geom. acts more at the beginning and is rising percentage farer away from buy price.
maybe also a bit of personal preference and depending on range and the chart movenent.

to check, two parallel running grids would show. but at this market the days i have no intention for experiments. but nice idea on the next buy in to start 2 different ones and compare over time 🙂

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