Join our February trading campaign to win 1 Bitcoin by copying free signals from renowned trader, Moonin Papa. Collaborating with the most popular trader on a major trading bot platform, Pionex offers you an exclusive chance to follow his signals on our platform. Copy his signals using our bot and you could be the lucky winner.

Finish these 3 tasks to win 1 Bitcoin

Basic Task:

Start a TBT Signal DCA Bot with more than $10 USDT and keep it active till the end of February.

(If you have hard time copying this bot with the link, you can follow this tutorial and input the exact parameters for your bot)

Bonus Task:

Watch the video and leave a comment to share why you love Pionex to double your chance to win 1 Bitcoin.
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Bonus Task:

Retweet and comment to double your chance to win 1 Bitcoin


  • By finishing different tasks, you can get a winning ticket for the 1 Bitcoin lottery
  • Of all eligible users,
    • 1 user will be randomly chosen to receive 1 BTC as a reward
    • 5 users will be randomly chosen to receive 0.01 BTC as rewards
    • 30 users will be randomly chosen to receive 0.001 BTC as rewards

Copy Bot and Win 1 Bitcoin

Moonin Papa – the most famous bot trader

Moonin Papa is the co-founder of The Better Trader, a leading international crypto trading education company serving over 25,000 students in 36 countries. With over three years of experience trading with bots, he is a well-known and trusted influencer in the crypto trading community.

Copy This Bot and Catch the Market Bottom!

The bot patiently waits for the signal to detect the bottom and once the market reverses, it secures profits quickly and waits for the next opportunity. Check out some of our successful trades from the recent market drop!

By copying this bot, you can monitor and trade the following 6 coins all at once, including BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, ADA, and LINK.

Copy Bot and Win 1 Bitcoin


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How to win 1 Bitcoin?

Simply copy the bot and keep it active till the end of February. You’ll have the chance to win 1 Bitcoin. Boosting your chances to win 1 Bitcoin by finish the other 2 bonus tasks.

How much profit can I expect by copying the bot?

It’s impossible to guarantee a specific profit when using the TBT signals. However, the signals were designed to catch market lows and reduce risks using the DCA Bot strategy. This makes it a suitable option for conservative traders or those new to trading bots.

What’s a DCA Bot?

The DCA Bot is the first bot on Pionex that can automatically trade based on signals. The DCA (Dollar-cost averaging) strategy used by the bot allows you to divide your entry price into multiple levels, which helps lower the average cost of your position.

What are trading signals?

Trading signals are indicators or advice provided by experienced traders or trading algorithms, which suggest when to buy or sell a particular asset. These signals can be based on technical analysis, market trends, and other factors, and can help traders make informed decisions about their trades.

Copy Bot and Win 1 Bitcoin

Other Terms

  • Pionex reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at its sole discretion.
  • The awards will be distributed after 14 days when the promotion ends.
  • Participant need to have an active bot until the end of February.