Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot

Steady and low-risk strategy
Approx. 15~50% APR

Pionex & Binance

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What is Spot-Futures Arbitrage?

“Spot-Futures Arbitrage is a strategy that exploits the price gap and funding fee between the spot and futures market.
It’s a market-neutral strategy in which the risk involved is extremely low. “

· Features of the bot ·

Arbitrage from the Funding Fee

Receive a nice lump of funding fee every 8 hours.

15%~50% APR with Ease

No need to lock-up your funds and enjoy the passive income.

Market-Neutral Strategy

Hedging with the market-neutral strategy to protect your principal from the volatile market.

Ready to go on Both Desktop and Mobile.

An intuitive interface allows you to quickly launch your first bot.

· Start Arbitrage in 3 Steps ·

Start the Bot. Enjoy Passive Income.