What is GRID Bot – Grid Trading Bot

GRID Bot is a powerful trading bot that helps you to “buy low and sell high” automatically. For using a GRID Bot on Pionex, you don’t have to pay an extra subscription fee!

Pionex GRID Bot Features

AI Strategy

7 Days of the backtesting result helps you to create your first GRID Bot.

Stop Loss

Stop the bot sell all of your base currency to quote currency.

Trigger Price

Automatically start your GRID Bot with the Trigger Price.

Take Profit

Stop the bot and cancel all the buy orders.

Arithmetic/Geometric Width

Easily handle the GRID Bot for both narrow and huge price range.

Comprehensive Data

Manage your GRID Bot with the performance data sets.

GRID Bot is design for both experienced and novice traders

  • Access the trading bot within Pionex Exchange.
  • Don’t have to hassle with API Keys anymore.

Start Your First GRID Bot in 2 Clicks

  • An intuitive mobile interface allows you to quickly launch the bot
  • AI Strategy or Set your own strategy

Tracking GRID Bot Performance

  • Comprehensive data helps you to manage your GRID Bot