Terms and Conditions of Loan Bot

Please read through the following terms and Pionex Terms of Service carefully before purchasing loan bot. Clicking on “I HAVE READ AND AGREE WITH THE ABOVE” means that you have read, understood and agreed with all terms on this page and Pionex Terms of Service.

  1. All the assets you subscribe to loan bot will be invested in Bitfinex Funding. You have read and understood the rules about Bitfinex Funding and acknowledged that whether you can receive the principal and earnings depends entirely on whether Bitfinex can repay the funds on time.
  2. Pionex is not a lender or a borrower under loan bot. Loan bot will not result in any form of lending relationship between you and Pionex. Pionex only provides transaction assistance services and does not promise the repayment of principal and earnings. Pionex will not be liable for any loss of your principal and earnings due to any cause not attributable to Pionex.
  3. Although Pionex will try its best to help you get more earnings with loan bot, you should understand that the earning rate is floating and your final return depends on the actual recovery of assets from Bitfinex. Your final return shall equal the amount returned to you by Pionex on the maturity date.
  4. You agree that loan bot has a fixed term, and you cannot redeem your assets or early terminate the transaction prior to the maturity date. Upon maturity, Upon maturity, Pionex will charge 10% of all earnings from Bitfinex as a commission and transfer the rest of the earnings corresponding to your subscription to your account.
  5. Pionex reserves the right to allow or restrict certain users to subscribe loan bot. If necessary, Pionex has the full discretion to suspend or terminate loan bot, including but not limited to early termination of loan bot prior to maturity date.
  6. You should understand the mechanism and risks of loan bot and read through this Terms and Conditions carefully. For the avoidance of doubt, no introduction, promotion and support of loan bot by Pionex shall be deemed as Pionex providing investment, legal or tax advice of any kind to you.