Thank you for choosing the Pionex follow-strategy! Before you begin, please carefully read the following and click to agree.
All parameters of the follow-strategy you chose are set by the Strategy Publisher. Information such as profits displayed on the Pionex product page reflects the Strategy Publisher's real trading record. However, the actual outcome and timing of your follow-trading are contingent on the market, leading to potential discrepancies between your and the Strategy Publisher's profits;
Pionex does not endorse or promise any form of guarantee for any follow-strategy. The follow-strategy that you choose may incur capital losses, and profits are in no way ensured;
The Strategy Publisher may establish profit-sharing as a prerequisite for follow-trading. If a profit-sharing condition has been set, a certain proportion of the profits from your strategy will be allocated to the Strategy Publisher. If your strategy renders a negative return when an order is closed, the Strategy Publisher will not share your losses. Notably, if you withdraw profits before an order closure, the Strategy Publisher will share a predetermined portion of the withdrawn profits.
Your agreement to proceed is taken as acceptance of all the terms aforementioned.