”Bitfinex Lending“ Terms of Service

Please read through the following terms and Pionex Terms of Service carefully before subscribing to “Bitfinex Lending”. By clicking “I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE ABOVE”, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the following terms and conditions and the contents of the Pionex Terms of Service.

  1. All of the assets of your subscription to Bitfinex Lending will be invested in Bitfinex Funding. You have fully read and understand the rules of the Bitfinex Funding and understand that the recovery of your principal and earnings upon maturity is entirely dependent on Pionex recovering the principal and earnings from Bitfinex on time.
  2. Your subscription to Bitfinex Lending does not create a lending relationship of any kind between you and Pionex, and Pionex is only providing you with transaction assistance and does not promise you the repayment of principal and earnings at maturity. Pionex will not be liable for any loss of principal or earnings due to any cause not attributable to Pionex.
  3. Bitfinex Lending will use its best efforts to help you realize your earnings. However, you should understand that the rate of return on the Bitfinex Lending Products is variable and your ultimate return depends on the actual return on the assets lent on the Bitfinex platform. Your final return will be based on the amount returned to you by Pionex on the maturity date.
  4. You understand that the Bitfinex Lending has a fixed term and cannot be redeemed or early terminated prior to maturity. Upon maturity, Pionex will charge a percentage of earnings received from Bitfinex as a fee and pay the remainder of the earning to your account, along with the principal. You agree that Pionex has the right, in its sole discretion, to revise the fee schedule from time to time and agree that Pionex will deduct the fees at the rate then in effect.
  5. Pionex reserves the right to allow or restrict certain users to subscribe Bitfinex Lending. Pionex may, in its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the Bitfinex Lending business, including early termination of outstanding Bitfinex Lending transactions, if necessary.
  6. You are responsible for understanding the mechanics of the Bitfinex Funding and the risks associated with it and for reading these Terms of Service carefully. Pionex’s presentation, promotion and support of the Bitfinex Lending does not constitute investment, legal or tax advice of any kind from Pionex to you, nor does it constitute any endorsement, guarantee or commitment of any kind by Pionex to the Bitfinex Platform or any of its businesses.