Automate Your ChatGPT Strategy on Pionex

Automate without Risking Your API Keys

Super Fast ⚡️

Connect your TradingView strategy directly to the Pionex exchange without experiencing any latency.

No API needed 🔒

You no longer need to use any APIs to automate your strategy. Pionex can now accept webhook messages from TradingView and automate them for you within the exchange.

Free of charge 🤑

And it’s all FREE!!

1000+ Traders Has Joined the Close-Beta

We have worked with Trade Tactics, an open-source pine script community, to list its community trading strategy on Pionex. With the integration, they don’t need to use a third-party trading bot platform and risk their API keys.

If you’re a pine script coder and want to list your strategy for your community, please contact us via

Fulfill Your Strategy with Pionex GPT

With 5 years of experience in working on crypto trading bots, we are now training our own model with OpenAI. By talking to Pionex GPT, you can generate any trading ideas and strategies.