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What is LiteIM?

Answer LiteIM is a conversational crypto wallet based on Telegram, which allows users to send and receive cryptocurrencies. What this means is that Telegram users, who hold tokens can interact with the LiteIM business account on Telegram to send and…

What is the mission of the project Bitcollar?

Answer The mission of BitCollar is to remodel existing monetary services by creating advanced management.Provide convenient and affordable for the client, therefore creating the simplest services to everybody. Bitcollar will formally launch its operations within the EU in 2020 it…

What is IAP Network?

Answer The IAP provides the ability for anyone to create CyberTraces, CyberChains, CyberShields and CyberStates. The platform enables the generation of evidence that assures others of data security and the facts surrounding its storage, transmission and processing. The IAP does…

What is Brikcoin?

Answer Brikcoin is a revolutionary investment model. Bringing together blockchain technology and real estate investment, it provides high liquidity and low risk. What’s more, it achieves this by building sustainable and affordable housing in the UK to ebb the growing…

What is BIP?

Answer BIP is a next-generation cryptocurrency, which uses the greatest developments of recent years—instant transfers on any devices with small transaction fees and no technical struggles.

Does Arbitrage bot Compound?

Answer Arbitrage bot helps you gain passive income from the funding fees from the market. the compound effect is currenty not available however you can release profits and top up your bot.