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Can't figure out how to buy EthereumPoW? Still confusing where to buy EthereumPoW with the best rate? Follow step by step, and you’ll learn how to buy EthereumPoW with powerful trading bots to earn more ETHW.

  • Create a free Pionex account on website or App

    1. Register a Pionex account on website or download the App. 2. Pass the KYC verification. 3. Choose your prefer way to buy ETHW ⬇️

  • 4 Different ways to buy ETHW on Pionex

    Pionex offers the fatest and cheapest rate to buy EthereumPoW, including credit card, debit card, bank wire, and ACH transfer. Some of these method are specifically for US citizens. You can choose the best way to buy EthereumPoW on Pionex in your country.

    • A. Buy ETHW with credit card or debit card

      You can buy EthereumPoW by credit card or Apple pay instantly. If you’re a US citizen, you can use debit card to buy EthereumPoW on Pionex instead. 1. After signing up a Pionex account, go to the “Buy Crypto with Credit Card” page. 2. Pionex now partnered with the top 3 licensed financial institution that provides a wide range of payment methods. Choose the best rate out of those options. 3. Enter the amount of EthereumPoW you want to buy. 4. Input your credit card info and finish the order. 5. You’ll receive your EthereumPoW instantly after the transaction verified.

      Use debit card to buy ETHW (instant. For US citizen)
    • B. Buy ETHW with Bank wire and ACH (US citizen only)

      If you’re in the US, you can either use bank wire or ACH transfer to buy EthereumPoW. With ACH, you can buy EthereumPoW without any transaction fees. Here’s how you can buy EthereumPoW with ACH: 1. After signing up a Pionex account, go to “USD Deposit” page. 2. Submit your bank account info under the ACH tranfer section. 3. Use your US bank and tranfer your money to the account that shows on the ACH transfer page on Pionex. 4. You’ll receive USD instantly and buy EthereumPoW with your USD on Pionex.

      Bank wire from the US bank
  • How to sell ETHW on Pionex?

    Pionex offers up to 500 different trading pairs for you to manage your coins. You can sell your ETHW coin to other coins or to US dollars on Pionex.

    • A. Sell ETHW to other coins

      Pionex allows you to sell ETHW to other coins with swap or manual trade feature. The benefit to sell ETHW on Pionex is the extremely fee, which as low as 0.05%. (industrial average is 0.26%)

    • B. Sell ETHW to US dollars (US citizen)

      You can sell ETHW on Pionex to US dollar and send the money back to your US bank.

More info about ETHW

The fork results from the Ethereum Merge will see the blockchain transition to a proof of stake consensus while the forked ETHPoW chain will continue to operate using a PoW consensus. ETHW is the native cryptocurrency of the ETHPoW chain. It can be mined and used to pay transaction fees using the EthereumPoW network. In addition, miners who participate in the network’s consensus mechanism by validating transactions and producing new blocks can earn rewards in $ETHW for their efforts.

Buy EthereumPoW

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More questions on buying EthereumPoW?

What is Ethereum PoW, and how does it work?

ETHW is the hard fork when the Ethereum merge happened. The Merge changed the Ethereum consensus to PoS while the hard fork version (ETHW) still remain at Proof of Work.

When will Ethereum change from POW to POS?

The merge happened on September 15, 2022. It was successful for the blockchain to migrate to PoS consensus while there's a hard fork happened at the same time which performed by a group of Ethereum miners.

Are Ethereum 2.0 shard chains be Pow or POS? What is the main difference between Ethereum PoS and PoW?

After the Merge, Ethereum is now PoS consensus and waiting for another update for sharding. PoW, Proof of Work, is a consensus mechanism that Bitcoin uses to regulate the creation of blocks. PoS, Proof of Stake, is a new consensus that validates a blockchain to add new blocks.