What is tafabot trading bot?


Tafabot is a trading robot that helps you to trade the cryptocurrency market via binance. The bot analysis the market technically and fundamentally to arrive at the best trade entry possible. The bot works 24/7 and has an excellent risk management function.

The unique thing about Tafabot is that it makes use of hedge function and what the hedge function does is opening two positions at the same time after doing its analysis. The reason for this is to make sure that market manipulation doesn’t catch you out of your trade because there are a lot of times when the market goes against technical analysis. The bot closes the bad trade after a while and rides the good trade to profit.

You also have to option to trade one way but we strongly recommend the hedge mode trading.

To use the bot, you just have to set few parameters like the market to trade i.e BTC, the amount to trade with, the timeframe the bot should use for its analysis, and also your binance app key/secret key which will give the bot access to your binance account.

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