I’ve just joined ur trading platform & would desperately like the help of someone who knows how to set a trading bot up for binance exchange

I’m new to this I transferred 25 dollars for now as a starter to get the feel of how this all works & to c how I go with it.

So if u can point me in the right direction as I’m absolutely crap with Technology & fear that if I try I’ll stuff it up
I tried investing last year in another couple of invest platforms on to have been scammed out of a few thousand so it really put me
behind the 8 ball in having trust with these types of investments but I’m here now to give it one last go if it fails I’ll definitely never invest another dollar as it just goes pear shaped for me so far.

If I like what I see with your platform I’ll gladly invest some more cash
But for now just want to get the gist of what goes on and get my head around how it all works thanks.

Your help would be truly & greatly appreciated thanks.


You can learn it from our blogs at blog.pionex.com and also from video created by our users in YouTube

If you still have problems to understanding the bot, feel free to join our discussion channel at Telegram and contact admin @yudhaifha or @themikeward. Becareful, admin never PM you first or asking to send money from you.

Pionex Telegram : https://t.me/pionexen

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