I have recently started using this strategy manually on FTX Perp Contracts and Futures and on FTX they pay funding every hour instead of 8 hours ( like on Binance and on this BOT) – and profit every hour makes huge difference.Can this BOT be used on FTX? if not then did you think about using FTX?


Unfortunately Pionex has no partnership yet with FTX. Your trades is called spot-future arbitrage trading, which is holding same size of contracts so you can profitting from the funding fee regularly.

In Pionex, we have bot which will help you automated the trades without the risk of being off-price or mistaken and still profitting from the funding fee rates. You can utilize our Spot-Future Arbitrage Bot without having to do it manually. The futures market we used in this bot is coming from Binance and Huobi, which is as good as FTX if its not better.

There is no guarantee for partnership with FTX or not, but we surely will give our user the best experience using the Pionex platform.

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